Hats over Heels is a label of accessories for babies and kids up to 8 years.  A collection of hand-knitted Hats, to be complemented with socks and leotards in the near future, Heels.

The Origin

When our little aviator arrived in 2012, the idea was launched to create hand-knitted hats for newborns! What started as an adventure for the smallest ones has grown into a kids label up to 8 years old.

We see our children grow up and we thrive from their experience with our designs. Because of that it’s a joyful experience! Kids can retreat in their own fantasy world, by wearing the masks that come included with each hat, taken into account the wishes of the parents. The hats are functional, soft fleeced-lined, made of high quality wool, and the use of warm and neutral colors so it can be combined/matched with most winter jackets. The included masks are separate; therefore the hats can be used itself on the more quiet winter days.

All collections of Hats over Heels are carefully thought and realized with love, people and nature in mind.  We work closely with local knitting workshops in Nepal and Peru where we use eco-friendly wool.  By producing a collection on an eco-friendly way by our standards, we like to contribute to a pure and fair trade.

Sustainable knits

The eco-friendly materials we use are delightfully soft, from high quality and without the use of chemicals in the dyeing process. A large part of the thread is not dyed at all and the colors belong to the original natural shades of the wool. Examples are the beautiful mélange wool and the baby Alpaca threads.

We Love Wool at Hats over Heels! Therefore we exclusively use Merino and Alpaca wool. The beautiful characteristic of wool is that it is a natural fiber and a wear-resistant fiber. This makes it sustainable and wearable for years. Merino wool has a fine structure, which makes it incredibly soft and hardly itching.  Baby Alcapa is lanolin free, due to the fact that it comes from the first shaving of the Alpaca, which makes it sustainable and super soft!

We value the story behind the product as well as the product it self, therefore we produce our collections under Fair Trade circumstances. We work closely with local knitting workshops in Nepal and Peru. All products are hand-made. The knitters work under the condition of Fair Trade and earn a higher income than average. They can work together in the workshop or at home, so they can take care of their kids.

This way they can provide their family and children a better future. Our supplier keeps a close eye on the working condition of the knitters; rules and laws are monitored closely. On a regular basis, the workshops are visited; personal care is provided, to guarantee optimal circumstances for the working conditions as well as the products.

Why the name ‘Hats over Heels’?

You probably know the expression: Head over Heels! We hope once you get to know our collection, you will turn ‘Head over Heels’ in Love by “Hats over Heels”!

Have fun, Isabelle & Team Hats over Heels