Press release Hats over Heels

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Launch: Hat over Heels / Recognize the hats with felt eyeglasses from the brand ‘Lullaby Road’ that, as per January 2018, doesn’t exist anymore? It will be continued under the name ‘Hats over Heels’.  Why? It’s a new start for a broader public, babies and kids up to 8 years old, and focused on moms that like ‘twinning’ with their daughters.

Collection: AW18 The Nomads of Oz / We like to place ourselves in the world of kids and see through their eyes. For the first winter collection, the Wizard of Oz inspired us, especially the part where Dorothy is blown by a tornado to a fantasy world where she meets lots of new friends and go on adventures.

The theme of this collection is ‘The Nomads of Oz’; traveling children, Nomads, that can go on an adventure with you. First through the woods, where they find lions and giraffes that become alive and together they bring you to higher atmospheres.  Children from the future that take you away to a woolier world, with your head in the clouds. In your own fantasy world, dreaming away together.

Hats are available for children up to 8 years old and the romantic ‘Crane Turban’ is also available for mothers. Items range in prize from 29.95 euro and 39.95 euro.

Characteristics Hats / The hats are characterized by felt eyeglasses or mask. For the younger ones there is a choice of ‘closed’ glasses as well, but for the older kids, from 2 years and up, is it fun to play with it, therefore it are masks instead of glasses. It works! Within no time, children play the character of the mask (for example the lion) and don’t want to ever take it off! There is an option to wear the hat without the mask; therefore the hats can be used by itself.

Collaboration: Noeser / We are very proud that we could design several hats for the brand Noeser. Sources of inspiration for the theme ‘Australia’ were the animals Wombat and Kangaroo.  It resulted in a Kangaroo hat including felt eyeglasses, a Wombat hat and a romantic ‘Turban’ for the little ladies. Items range in prize from 29.95 euro and 38,95 euro.

Material: Merino wool & Alpaca wool / All hats are made of pure wool; the hats originating from Nepal are made of 100% Merino wool, and the hats originating from Peru 100% Baby Alpaca wool. Even when the hats are made of eco-friendly materials from high quality and without the use of chemicals in the dyeing process, the hats are still extra lined. This lining is made of recycled plastic.

Sustainable knitwear: Fair Trade / We want to make sure that kids and parents are content with our product, but nevertheless we want to take care of the knitters and people involved in the process as well. It has to be a fair story for both sides. This is the reason we chose to work with local knitting workshops in Nepal and Peru. The knitters work under the condition of Fair Trade and earn a higher income than average. It also has a social function when they come together to work.

Story behind the brand / Even when the hats are super fun, kids and parents need to be happy with it! Therefore they are designed through the eyes of the kids experiences; it’s fun to wear. And from the parents’ perspective, it should be fun to look at. Besides this, we love to be able to help to the sustainable process. Not only the consumer will be happy with our hats, but moreover the knitters in Nepal and Peru.


Isabelle van der Putten
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